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Beau Ellington is heading back to the NB3 National Championships on the Golf Channel!

1st place at the Notah Begay III Arizona Regional (2023)

Two-time World Champion and current USA girls #1 Beau Ellington (class of 2030) wins at the NB3 (Notay Begay III) Regional this summer at Southern Dunes Golf Course in Maricopa, AZ and qualifies once again this fall for the NB3 National Championship on the Golf Channel.

Today’s Junior Golfer (TJG) face-timed with Beau and her mother Lauren recently to talk about the upcoming national championship along with a whole bunch of other golf related topics, including her surprise rise to the top of USA girls junior golf.

TJG: Thank you Beau (and Lauren) for giving us the time to learn more about yourself and your young but already dominate golf career. We are excited to talk to you!

Beau: Thank you. I am excited as well.

TJG: Your resume is the best of the best. We could talk about your numerous hole-in-ones, your world championship titles, regional wins, your USA junior ranking, etc… and we will, but let’s start with the most recent. You won the NB3 Regional in AZ this summer, now back to back years you are heading to the National Championship this November in Louisiana. What do you like about this tournament?

Beau: I just love this tournament and am so excited to make it back again this year. It’s my favorite tournament of the year! They spoil you like no other tournament. The course is amazing, there is free food every day at the course for the golfers and family, they put on a nice professional banquet one of the nights, give out a lot of free swag, and even a new hybrid for each player to take home. The staff of NB3 (and at the course) are top notch and make you feel so honored to be part of this big event.

TJG: How did you do last year?

Beau: Last year at the NB3 National Championship I was one of the youngest players in my field so I was just hoping to make top 10. I shot even par, finished 7th place and also won the putting contest and a new Wilson putter so I beat my expectations. This year my goals are higher as I will be a year older.

TJG: I know the tournament is in November and airs on the Golf Channel in December so good luck and hopefully you’ll be in the final group on the last day and get a lot of air time!

Beau, Notay Begay III and Gracie McGovern at the NB3 National Championship 2022

TJG: Rumor has it, your #1 ranking came as a surprise to you.

Beau: Yes, I didn’t even know that the ranking system (Jr Golf Scoreboard) existed for the USA! When I was told I was so surprised. I did think it was pretty cool though.

TJG: You also won the USKids Regional Tournament (Desert Shootout) this year by 13 strokes!

Beau: Yes, we played at my favorite course, The Wigwam in Litchfield, AZ. It is so challenging. I finally beat the course this year after trying so many times before. I got some good momentum going and it carried me to a final -6 total after the 2 days.

2023 Desert Shootout Champion

TJG: I have to ask you about the USKids World Championships. There are so many questions.

Beau: Ok.

TJG: You are a two-time USKids World Champion at Pinehurst, top 5 in all 5 years you’ve played, an amazing record and career to say the least. If you can pick a favorite year at Pinehurst, which year and why?

Beau: I’m going to have to go with my first year, 2019 when I was 7 years old. The short version is I birdied the last hole in the final round to win by 1 stroke. The long version wasn’t so easy. When we arrived at Pinehurst, NC, while at the baggage claim I knocked my front teeth, chipping them both off. As you can imagine, it was a crazy scene. We didn’t know if we should take care of the teeth then or wait until we got back home. We decided to deal with it then so we found a local dentist who bonded the chips back on to the teeth. It was a crazy way to start off the biggest week of my golf career!

TJG: What course were you at and how did the rest of the 2019 Championships go?

Beau: We played at Midland Country Club. I had a horrible first day, shooting +6 (42), bogeying my first 3 holes. The second round was a lot better as I settled down. I shot 10 strokes better, 4 birdies and no bogeys, a -4 (32). On the final day, I think I was in the 3rd to last group, still 3 strokes off the lead. I was even par for the day going into the par 5 - 6th hole when I eagled it!  But then I bogey the 7th hole so I didn’t think much about having a chance to win after that. I ended up sticking a chip shot close for a tap in birdie on the 9th and final hole and went to the scorer’s table feeling like I probably made top 5...expecting the leaders to have played well. I remember my dad was in the clubhouse getting some drinks for us when someone walked up to my mom and I and asked if we had heard? We didn’t know what they meant. They said, "Ellington for the WIN!" We were shocked.

TJG: Wow, what a story!

TJG: Any other stories of Pinehurst from the other years, after all, you won by 7 strokes in 2022 as a 10-year-old?

Beau: 2022 was great too. The course was set up really hard. Southern Pines Golf Club had just gone through a huge course renovation and added over 200 bunkers and made the greens larger and added tons of undulation. It’s a typical Donald Ross course with upside down teacup greens. It was a great challenge. They were some of the hardest greens I’ve ever putt and hard to hold.

2022 girls 10 yr old USKids World Champion at Southern Pines Golf Club
10 yr old Beau - 2022 USKids World Champion!

Rapid Fire Q's:

TJG: When did you start playing golf competitively?

Beau: Age 6 ½.

TJG: Did you participate in Drive, Chip and Putt?

Beau: Yes, made it to regionals last year but this year my journey ended at the subregional. 

TJG: Favorite golfer(s)?

Beau: Nelly Korda, Rose Zhang, Charley Hull, Scottie Scheffler, Dylan Wu, Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus.

TJG: What’s in your bag?

Beau: Titleist Driver, Ping Irons, Vokey wedges and a hodge-podge of woods. Putter is Bettinardi (I call her Betty) and I play with a Titleist ProV1X, neon yellow ball. Titleist sends them to me with a “B” on it.

TJG: Typical day?

Beau: I go to school from 7:45-3:00 pm. Do homework. Head to the golf course from 4:00 pm until it gets dark. Try to do quality shots versus quantity because of time. I practice my guitar (Acoustics – Taylor) at night. I have been playing for 1 ½ yrs now and have weekly lessons.

Beau likes her time with the guitar.

TJG: Tournament day routine?

Beau: I always say a prayer before my round and make sure I have plenty of drinks and snacks with me. I’m not a breakfast eater which my mom hounds me about all the time. I just don’t have an appetite until about 10 am. Oh, and I kiss my ball!

TJG: Favorite foods, snacks, drinks (during the tournament)?

Beau: Body Armor, Gatorade, Vitamin Waters, crackers, power bars, sandwiches, fruit.

TJG: Coach.

Beau: Sean McGovern. Best coach/caddie ever!

Beau and her coach Sean McGovern.

TJG: Who calls the shots out on the course?

Beau: Both my caddy and I. We discuss each shot.

TJG: Favorite "go to" shot? 

Beau: I play a draw (Sometimes too much of a draw) Ha ha!

TJG: Line on your ball for putting?

Beau: Heck yes! Always.

TJG: Cross-hand putter or regular?

Beau: Regular.

TJG: Golf superstitions?

Beau: Not really.

Beau and mother Lauren at the 2019 USKids World Championship.

TJG: Parents role in your golf journey?

Beau: Mama preps my food; my coach Sean always caddies me and my entire family is very supportive. My dad is very active in my brothers baseball. We are a busy family.

TJG: Favorite actor?

Beau: Adam Sandler.

TJG: Favorite movie?

Beau: The Greatest Game Ever Played and Top Gun - Maverick.

TJG: Favorite singer(s)?

Beau: Anything country - Luke Combs, Luke Bryan and everything Michael Jackson. I wasn’t born in TX but I have a lot of TX in me!

TJG: Favorite class in school?

Beau: Honors English and Honors Math.

TJG: Top 3 colleges you’d like to play for? 

Beau: Stanford, TCU, Vanderbilt 

TJG: Biggest goal in golf?

Beau: Play for a great university, win a NCAA championship and possibly play on the LPGA.

TJG: The best part of your game?

Beau: I’m long. I have always been a big hitter.

TJG: 1st Interesting fact about you?

Beau: I love playing the guitar and attending my youth group at Scottsdale Bible Church. I am a Christian and love me some Jesus.

TJG: 2nd Interesting fact about you?

Beau: I met Alice Cooper when I won the player of the year in 2022 - JGAA.

Beau and Alice Cooper (2022)

TJG: 3rd Interesting fact about you?

Beau: Nelly Korda reposted my picture of me dressed like and posing like her on Instagram for Halloween and it went viral. You’ll have to check it out on my Instagram. It’s pretty cool.

Beau and Nelly Korda showing the viral picture of them both (2023)

TJG: Total Jr wins?

Beau: Over 75.

TJG: Hole-in-ones?

Beau: I have had 3. My first hole in 1 was when I was 8 years old. It was during a US Kids tournament played at Lone Tree Golf Club. My 2nd hole in 1 was at Desert Highlands when I was 10 years old and then my 3rd hole in one was also when I was 10 years old at Mountain Shadows. My coach laughs that I tend to get hole in ones on holidays. My last 2 were on the 4th of July and Memorial Day.

TJG: How far do you carry your driver?

Beau: 190 yards (carry).

TJG: Who or what inspired you to play golf? 

Beau: I come from a golf family. My grandpa is a retired pro. I had a putter in my hand since I was 2 years old (thanks to my grandpa) and I started competitive golf at 6.5 years old. My coach’s daughter Gracie who is like my sister inspired me to play golf at a competitive level.

Beau as a 2 yr old with grandpa and putter in hand

TJG: Obstacles you overcome to play golf daily?

Beau: I go to in-person school so getting as much golf practice in as possible is tough sometimes.  My family always tells me grades FIRST, golf second. I really love going to school and don’t mind doing homework.

TJG: Anything else golf related that you are proud of?

Beau: Yes, I participated in my first USGA event this year as a 11 yr old. It was a Jr AM qualifier at Pinnacle Peak Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ. I shot a 79.

TJG: How hard do you work at becoming better at golf? 

Beau: Very hard! I have LOTS of ups and downs. I’m continuously fixing or trying to improve something. It often seems that once I fix something, something else breaks…

TJG: Exercises you do for golf?

Beau: I try to run on the treadmill and do light weights. I also love yoga and Pilates. I find videos online and try to do them for stretching purposes and strength. 

TJG: Pets?

Beau: A Golden Doodle named Scout. 

Beau and her dog Scout.

TJG: When other kids think of Beau Ellington, what do you want them to think or say about you? 

Beau: I hope they would say that I am kind, a little shy, confident, very easy going and humble. 

TJG: Where can someone find you on social media?

Beau: Instagram. @beauellingtongolf

TJG: Thank you Beau for taking the time to talk to us and good luck in school and golf this year!

Beau: You are welcome. Thank you.


Just the FACTS!

Name: Beau Ellington

Age/Grade: 11 yrs. old – 6th Grade

State: Arizona

Graduating Class: 2030

Family: Brother – Crew (9 yrs. old), God Sister – Gracie McGovern (8th ranked girls class of 2024)

Home Course: Camelback Golf Course, Paradise Valley, AZ

Golf tour(s):

US Kids Phoenix Local Tour & Teen Series- Dale Balvin

Junior Golf Association of Arizona- Scott McNevin