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About Us

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Arizona corporation with a passion for junior golf. For nearly ten years, we at Today's Junior Golfer have been immersed in the dynamic world of junior golf, encountering remarkable individuals—from passionate young golfers to supportive parents, doting grandparents, and the entire circle of friends and family. This is a realm that remains unfamiliar to many outsiders.

This journey has revealed some stark truths: the junior golf journey is still not fully attainable for most kids. Obstacles exist, and opportunities are not always guaranteed. Our goal is to change that and to see young kids of all ages THRIVE because they have golf in their lives.

Because of these facts, at Today's Junior Golfer, our MISSION is twofold: to SUPPORT lower-income junior golfers with scholarships and start-up equipment, and to HIGHLIGHT their golf journey through pictures and inspirational stories.

  1. In the area of SUPPORT, we have partnered with Dobson Ranch Golf Course (The Ranch) in Mesa, Arizona and their highly successful Pops and Jr Golf Program to create a one-two punch towards this MISSION. The Ranch has been a leader in identifying and supporting area youth in their pursuit of recreational and competitive golf for over 10 years. Thousands of youth are positively affected each year by The Ranch and their Pops and Jr Golf Program which offers free equipment, summer golf and after school programs. Today's Junior Golfer will continue to donate equipment, balls, gloves, bags and clothing from our donators towards Pops and Jr Golf at The Ranch.
  2. In the area of HIGHLIGHT, we recognizing the possible richness of this experience. We at Today's Junior Golfer will continue to aspire, capture and share the stories of junior golf through the authentic and real life challenges and successes of these young players, their incredible stories, and vivid imagery. As you can see on Today's Junior Golfer website, we have already highlighted so many amazing junior golfers and their touching stories.

Overall, we firmly believe that Junior Golf is currently thriving – an exhilarating and expanding journey that offers immense joy to kids and their families. We find the stories within this world truly captivating, and we are passionate about showcasing them to a global audience. Through these narratives, our aim is to provide insights into the lives of these young golfers as individuals and players.

Join us as we seek to support and celebrate the success of junior golfers, showcasing their accomplishments and milestones as they navigate their journey in this dynamic and competitive sport.

We hope you enjoy our junior stories!