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At Today's Junior Golfer, our mission is twofold: to SUPPORT lower-income junior golfers with scholarships and start-up equipment, and to HIGHLIGHT their golf journey through inspirational stories and pictures.

You Can Partner With Us!

  1. We recognize that there are countless incredible stories within the realm of junior golf, and we can't discover them all without your help! If your junior golfer has achieved something remarkable, or if you're a proud friend or family member, we invite you to take action. Simply click the 'SHOWCASE Your Jr Golfer' button on our homepage, complete a brief form, and submit it.
  2. If you or your business would like to support Today's Junior Golfer with a tax-deductible donation, please contact us at or go to the bottom of this page and click on the VENMO link. We will mail or email you your tax donation receipt. It's that easy – help us create new stories and unveil the extraordinary journeys and achievements of junior golfers!
  3. If you have extra youth-sized golf equipment and clothing (shorts, collared shirts, skirts, hats) in good condition to donate, email us at to schedule a pickup or to learn about upcoming drop-off events and locations. All equipment donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a donation slip at the time of donation.
  4. If you know a youth who needs "a little help" in their junior golf journey—whether it's startup clubs, a bag, balls, clothing, or a scholarship to pay for their range balls, golf tournaments, or fuel to get to an out-of-town tournament—please let us know by going to the "Scholarship" tab and filling out the form.

Financial Friends of Today’s Junior Golfer!

If you would like to be a Financial Friend & Supporter of Today’s Junior Golfer and help us in our mission, please email us at or Venmo us at the address below.

We rely solely on donations from supporters like you to keep the stories coming and dreams possible!

Thank you in advance!



Tips: $1,000+

Gold Tees: $1,000

Blue Tees: $500

White Tees: $250

Green Tees: $100

Red Tees: $50

Founding Friends:

§  Kathy Eads – Green Tees

§  Phil and Shirley Grispel – Blue Tees

§  Jimmy & Kristi Button – White Tees

§  Anonymous – Tips

§  Anonymous – White Tees

§  Anonymous – White Tees

§  Anonymous – Tips

§  Anonymous – White Tees