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World ranked junior golfers and identical twin sisters, Catherine and Chloe Chen of Florida are in the News!

Their dream? To become the first twin sisters on the LPGA tour! They may have to wait awhile to achieve this record-breaking goal, but the journey will no doubt be a fun and exciting one! Today’s Junior Golfer (TJG) caught up with the Junior Golfing Chen sisters, officially ranked #33 & #35 in the world for an interview.

TJG: Thank you so much for your time. My notes say you have been in gymnastics and dance since a very young age, and also have tennis lessons weekly, play basketball, soccer, piano, and participate in swimming competitions. That’s a busy week! Is there anything you two don't do? Let’s start with an obvious question, which activity is your favorite?

C&C: Our favorite sport is golf. We have played many junior tournaments since the age of 6 and have won several regional, state and local tournaments. We always practice together and are very supportive of each other. In most tournaments we often finish right next to each other.

TJG: Can you give me some examples?

C&C: Chloe won the US Kids Copperhead Regional in FL this year while Catherine finished 2nd.

US Kids Copperhead Regional in FLCaC

Catherine won the US Kids Carolinas State this year and Chloe finished 4th.

Catherine won the US Kids Carolinas State (2023)

Last year, Catherine placed 5th at the PGA Golf Club Invitational Regional while Chloe finished 6th.

Chloe holding her 1st place trophy at PGA National (2022)

Catherine placed 2nd at the US Kids Palm Springs Open Regional in 2021 while Chloe finished 3rd.

Chloe won the US Kids Desert Shootout Regional in Arizona in 2021 while Catherine finished 3rd.

TJG: What are you parent’s thoughts about your golf game?

C&C: Our parents say we always keep grinding and never give up. They have been very supportive and always tell us no matter what happens, always believe in ourselves and most importantly, have fun on the course. Our dad has an MBA degree and our mom studied philosophy in college and has a master’s degree in business management. They always tell us that we must prioritize the “student” part of a student-athlete. So, we work hard off the course as well and both of us made the Honor Roll last year!

TJG: What is your tournament day routine?

Catherine: We start with a high-protein breakfast, and it keeps us sustained and energized until lunch. When we arrive on the golf course, we practice putting first for about 30 mins, then go to the range to hit balls with all our clubs, after that we go back to putting again.

Chloe: I’m not a big hitter so I focus on my short game before the tournament.

TJG: Favorite foods, snacks, drinks on tournament day?

C&C: Before the tournament, a pack of unsalted nuts. During the tournament, mom’s boiled egg and a protein bar. After the tournament, mom’s cheese and turkey/ham sandwich is the best!

TJG: What does a typical day look like for you two?

C&C: We have been homeschooling since the pandemic. As for now, we go to school virtually in the morning from 8:45-12pm, then the private school tutor comes in person from 10-12pm. In the afternoon, we have tennis lessons on Mondays, and we have competitive dance team training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fortunately, we get to practice for a few hours on the course before the dance class. We practice golf on Thursday and Friday and play golf tournaments on the weekend. We also have piano lessons on Wednesday’s biweekly. We have golf training facilities at home, so we are lucky to practice anytime when we are not on the course/range.

The twins are multi-sport athletes

TJG: Parents role in your golf journey?

C&C: Both dad and mom caddy us, mom prepares fresh food and snacks, and dad makes the best protein smoothies. We started golf around age 6, and they know that we are 100% committed to golf but they also want us to experience multiple sports and different activities before the age of 12-13; instead of focusing on only golf at a young age.

Rapid Fire Q's:

Favorite golfer(s): LPGA - Nelly Korda and Rose Zhang. PGA - Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm and Scottie Scheffler.

What’s in your bag: TaylorMade Driver, woods, and wedges. Putter is Callaway Odyssey. We play with TaylorMade TP5 ball.

Who calls the shots out on the course (you, caddy, both): Both! We discuss each shot but we’re the boss!

What is your favorite go to shot: Catherine - Straight. Chloe - I prefer to hit a straight shot, but I hit too many draws!

Line on your ball for putting: Yes, always.

Cross hand putter or regular: Catherine - regular. Chloe - cross hand

Any golf superstitions: We leave from the same door we entered through at the Pro shop! Always show respect to the golf course, we think every course is unique.

Role model(s): Tiger Woods and his mentality.

Favorite singer: Michael Buble and Ed Sheeran

Favorite movie: The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Short Game (Netflix).

Top 3 colleges on your radar: Stanford, and the University of Southern California.

What’s your biggest goal in golf: Play for a NCAA Division I college and the biggest goal is to become the first identical twin sisters playing on the LPGA tour.

What is the best part of your game: Catherine - Putting and Irons. Chloe - Putting, I can practice forever on the putting green!

Interesting facts #1: Catherine - I’m one minute older than Chloe.

Interesting facts #2: We both have won an international children’s art contest, and our award-winning drawings will be exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris this December!

Interesting facts #3: Catherine - I’ve been dancing since age 5 (ballet, lyrical, tap and hip-hop).

Interesting facts #4: We both love to play the piano.

At a piano recital

Interesting facts #5: We have recently published a Children’s picture book “I Love You, Daddy Caddy”. It’s created by and for young athletes like us, remember, always believe in yourself and, most importantly, have fun!

Catherine and Chloe's book sold on Amazon

Total Jr wins: Catherine - Around 38. Chloe - Over 40.

Any hole in ones: Catherine - I got my first hole-in-one this summer, a par 3, 145 yards using a 7 iron. It was during the NB3 (Notay Begay III) qualifier at Firekeeper Golf Course in Kansas this summer. I lost in a playoff to miss going to the National Championship this November on the Golf Channel.

Catherine holding up her hole-in-one ball

How far do you carry your driver: Catherine - 165 yards. Chloe - 160 yards.

Who or what inspired you to play golf: Our parents always encourage and support us.

Exercises you do for golf: Strength, balance and core training. We can walk on an exercise gym ball!

Favorite class in school: English and Math

Pets: A Betta fish - Bluey


Player Profile

Name(s): Catherine and Chloe Chen

Age: 10

Grade: 4th grade, Class of 2032

State: Florida

Golf tour(s): US Kids Orlando, The Junior Tour powered by Under Armour Orlando, HJGT

Sponsors: TaylorMade Junior Team, Downshift, Junior Ambassador of Lagshot golf.

Team TaylorMade Sponsored
Team LagShot sponsored

Where can we find you on social media: Instagram –->@cctwingolfers @catherinechengolf @chloechengolf