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"Notah Begay III (NB3) National Championship: Part 1 of an 8-Part Series - Celebrating Champions!"

Notay Begay III with Girls 16-18 winner, Harper Anne Hinckley

In this eight-part series, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of the winners across all age divisions of the Notah Begay III National Championship. Join us as we celebrate their triumphs, share their insights, and delve into their journey to victory.

Part 1: Harper Anne Hinckley - Girls 16-18-Year-Old National Champion.

Girls and Boys ages 10-18 yrs old - 2023 NB3 National Champions!

Harper Anne Hinckley emerged as the Girls 16-18-Year-Old National Champion at the prestigious NB3 National Championship held at the Koasati Golf Course, nestled within the beautiful Coushatta Resort and Casino in Louisiana. Let's delve into Harper's journey to victory and discover what propelled her to success.

TJG: Congratulations, Harper, on your remarkable victory at the NB3 National Championship! Can you share with us your initial goals or expectations going into the tournament?
Harper: Thank you! One of my main goals for the tournament was to focus on hitting as many fairways and greens as possible. Personally, I aimed to play my best and was hopeful for a top 5 finish.

TJG: Your performance on the course was outstanding. What aspect of your game do you feel was particularly strong throughout the tournament?
Harper: I felt really confident with my iron play throughout the weekend. It was consistent and helped set up opportunities for scoring.

TJG: Was there a specific moment or highlight during the tournament that stands out to you as pivotal in securing your win?
Harper: Absolutely, one of the major highlights for me was sinking an eagle on the 18th hole during the first round. It gave me a boost of confidence and momentum for the rest of the tournament.

TJG: The Koasati Golf Course provided the backdrop for this championship. How did you find playing on this course?
Harper: The Koasati Golf Course was fantastic. The course was in excellent condition, and I really enjoyed the layout.

TJG: Overall, how would you rate the organization and execution of the tournament?
Harper: The tournament was run exceptionally well, both on and off the course. The organizers did a fantastic job, and the off-course activities, including the banquet, it was a blast!

TJG: Winning the NB3 National Championship is undoubtedly a significant achievement in your junior career. Where does this victory rank for you?
Harper: This victory is definitely one of my favorites and ranks among the top 3 in my junior career.

TJG: With your win, you've earned an automatic invite to next year's championship. Are you excited about the opportunity to defend your title?
Harper: Absolutely! I'm looking forward to returning to Coushatta and competing again next year. It'll be exciting to see familiar faces and hopefully some of my friends I met will be back also.

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Graduation year: 2025
  • What’s in your bag: Ping and Titleist.
  • Best part of your golf game: Iron play.
  • College golf aspirations: I'm thrilled to have committed to Mississippi State and look forward to competing in the SEC and National Championships.
  • Favorite golfers: Rory McElroy and Ally Ewing.
  • Favorite school subject: Math with my awesome teacher, Mr. Joe Campbell. He's super cool and makes learning enjoyable.
  • One interesting thing about you: I love to fish.
  • Final thoughts: Hail State, go dawgs!
  • Where can we find you on social media: Instagram

Stay tuned for the next installment of our series as we spotlight another deserving champion of the NB3 National Championship!