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Taylor Underhill goes "6 for 6" and wins her first Phoenix Summer Tour Championship!

2023 Phoenix Summer Tour Champion


Teenage golfer Taylor Underhill from Gilbert, AZ is a part of Team Sunday Swagger and recently won the Phoenix Summer Tour Championship, 13-14 yr. old division, by winning all 6 tournaments she played in, accumulating 210 points on her way to a landslide Tour Championship win!

Today's Junior Golfer (TJG) caught up with Taylor and her mother (Magen) recently at a coffee shop in Gilbert, AZ to talk about her dominating performance during the long and hot summer on the Phoenix Tour.

TJG: Taylor, let’s get right to it, 6 for 6 for summer, how did you do it?

Taylor: This summer I played in a lot of tournaments and practiced very hard. Some weeks I played in up to 3 tournaments. I was getting in a lot of reps. At the beginning of the summer my putting wasn't as dialed in as I would have liked, but I kept working at it and by summers end I was able to eliminate three putts from my game at my events. My improved putting definitely helped me win all of the tournaments.

TJG: I imagine your driving length played a big part as well?

Taylor: Yes, right now I am carrying my ball around 210 yards off the tee with my driver and when you add the roll with our firm fairways, the extra distance definitely helps.

Taylor loading up her driver

TJG: How did you handle and beat the heat. Phoenix had a record summer this year?

Taylor: It was so hot! A lot of being hot is mental so I tried not to let it get the best of me and always took time to stay hydrated. I try to always keep a positive mindset at all times.

TJG: You mentioned the mental part of the game. How much did that help or hurt you this summer. Any struggles?

Taylor: Playing in a lot of tournaments is not only physically tough but mentally tough as well because your friends are doing fun things together and you feel like you’re missing out. It’s hard to say no and instead hit the golf course for more practice because you have to prepare for an upcoming tournament. But if your goal is to play golf at a high level you must understand the sacrifice it takes. The reward of Tour Champion this summer was definitely worth it!

Practice, practice, practice!

TJG: How important were your parents in this summer’s success?

Taylor: Very important. They each have their roles in my golf game. My mom helps me move on to what’s ahead, not dwelling on the past. This is huge in golf because bad shots are going to happen, but you have to have a short term memory and focus on the next shot. My dad helps more on my actual golf game on the course- taking notes during practice rounds, game planning for upcoming tournaments, makes sure I am executing the things I've learned in my lessons, and even marks up my golf balls. And then there's my little brother Easton always attending my events and cheering me on. They're a great team!

Taylor and her family

TJG: Well, congratulations again on an amazing summer!

Taylor: Thank you!

TJG: I see you are on Team Sunday Swagger, wearing and promoting their golf attire. How did the relationship start?

Taylor: About three years ago my mom bought my dad and I Sunday Swagger polos so we would match when he caddied for me during tournaments. The Sunday Swagger staff began following my golf journey thru my Instagram. This past summer they gave me an amazing opportunity to sign with them and officially become a part of the team representing junior golfers and their women's clothing line. They came out to Phoenix to film an episode of "Against the Grain" for their Youtube channel introducing me as their newest member of Team Sunday Swagger. It was so much fun and an experience I will never forget. They are some of the kindest and creative individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting and am so excited to be a part of this team.  Taylor's Team Sunday Swagger video!

Sunday Swagger video and photo shoot 2023

 Rapid Fire Q's:

TJG: What school do you attend?

Taylor: Elite Performance Academy, a school catered to high performing athletes with reduced classroom hours so we can spend more time practicing our sport. It’s a school that finishes each day at 12:30 and I eat my lunch in the car as I head to my home course to practice. I do my homework after I get home from practicing. 

Prioritizing homework!

TJG: When do you practice?

Taylor: After school from 1:00-4:00 pm each day.

TJG: Did you go to IMG Worlds this year?

Taylor: Yes, for the second year in a row. I improved from last year but have a goal of finishing in the top 40 next year. I also qualified for the US Kids Teen World Championship but did not attend. I plan on attending in 2024 if I get the invite. 

IMG World Championships 2023

TJG: Who is your favorite golfer(s)?

Taylor: Jon Rahm, Min Woo Lee, Rose Zhang, Olivia Mehaffey, and Anika Sorenstam

TJG: What's in your bag?

Taylor: I love Callaway and only use their clubs. Currently I am hitting the Callaway Rogue 11-degree Driver, Rogue 3 and 7 woods, Apex 5 Hybrid, Apex irons 6-AW and custom Jaws Raw 54 and 60 degree wedges. I use an Odyssey Triple Track S Ten Putter with a Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0 grip and I hit Chrome Soft X golf balls. I got fitted at the Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad, CA over the summer for my irons and wedges and it was an amazing experience. 

Taylor at the Callaway Performance Center 2023

TJG: What’s your tournament day routine?

Taylor: Pancakes and fruit for breakfast. I arrive at the course about 1 ½ hrs before my tee time. I start with putting, then chip, full swing on the range, and then one final putting session before heading to the tee box.

TJG: Favorite snack on the course?

Taylor: Sour Patch Watermelons, almonds, and frozen grapes. They give me a quick burst of energy, especially on hot summer days. 

TJG: Who calls the shots on the course?

Taylor: My dad always likes to ask me "what would you do in this situation if you were on your own in a tourney?" It's helped me make smarter decisions on the course. Now that I'm getting older, he encourages me to call the shots since I'm on my own in most of my tournaments, but when I am allowed a caddy it's nice to have him on the bag pushing me to have fun and play my best golf. 

Taylor with her Dad (caddy)

TJG: What is your go-to-shot?

Taylor: I have a natural draw, so I hit that mainly, but I have been working hard with my swing coach to perfect the cut shot. 

TJG: If you are 3 feet off the green, do you putt or chip?

Taylor: Most likely I'm putting if I have a good lie to work with. 

TJG: Line or no line on ball for putting?

Taylor: Line.

TJG: Putt regular or cross-handed?

Taylor: Cross-handed.

TJG: Superstitious?

Taylor: I used to be, but not really anymore. I always listened to a certain song on my way to the course.

TJG: What song?

Taylor: Umbrella by Rihanna

TJG: Role model?

Taylor: My mom and dad are my role models and they have taught me to always work hard, never give up, and always be kind to others. 

 TJG: Top colleges to play for?

Taylor: Pepperdine, USC, ASU, and Auburn.

TJG: Favorite singer?

Taylor: Taylor Swift

TJG: Favorite actor?

Taylor: Tom Holland (Spiderman)

TJG: Biggest golf goal?

Taylor: To play D-1 golf after high school then qualify for the LPGA tour and coach kids after my professional playing days are over. 

TJG: Best part of your game?

Taylor: Hitting my driver is currently the best part of my game. I always feel confident with it in my hands. I'm working on getting my wedges and approach shots closer to the pin to give me better chances for birdie. 

The best part of Taylor's game - The driver

TJG: 1st Interesting fact about you?

Taylor: I was named after TaylorMade golf clubs.

TJG: 2nd Interesting fact about you?

Taylor: My brother Easton and I were featured in Golf Digest for a video we made. I tied a string to his loose tooth and then around a golf ball. I used my 8 iron and hit the ball and his tooth came out! We have come up with some pretty creative and fun ways to pull out his loose teeth. The video has over a million views currently and is now on pretty much every platform from being reposted. It was a fun day and my brother is a legend. (Video link and article) Brave kid lets big sister yank out his loose tooth by blasting golf shot

Taylor with brother Easton

TJG: Who started you in golf?

Taylor: I loved playing softball when I was younger but after my grandpa, Tom Bles, saw me swing a club at Top Golf he decided to sign me up for lessons. After three months of lessons my grandpa signed me up for my first tournament with Girls Golf of Phoenix. After that I was hooked and gave up softball to pursue golf. I was 9 yrs. old when I started taking lessons. 

TJG: Coach?

Taylor: Jeremy Anderson of the JJA Golf Academy located at Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, AZ. 

TJG: Tournament wins?

Taylor: About 50.

TJG: What does a workout look like for you?

Taylor: Speed sticks and strength & conditioning.

TJG: Any holes-in-one?

Taylor:  I got my first one this past May on the cub course at Bear Creek in Chandler on hole #11. It was an 80 yard par 3. I now have an albatross and hole in one!

TJG: Pets?

Taylor: I have two dogs, a Great Dane named Bella and a yorkie named Champ. 

Taylor and Champ

TJG: When people say Taylor Underhill, what do you want them to think?

Taylor: That I am dedicated, hardworking, honest, kind, and compassionate. More than anything I want to be a role model for younger kids and inspire them to pursue anything they put their mind to. 

TJG: Where can someone find you on social media?

Taylor: Instagram. Click here —> @taylorunderhillgolf (link)

TJG: Thank you Taylor for taking the time to talk to us and good luck in school and golf this year!

Taylor: You are welcome and thanks so much.


Just the FACTS!

Name: Taylor Underhill

Age/Grade: 13 yrs. old – 8th Grade

State: Arizona

Graduating Class: 2028

Family: Brother - Easton

Home Course: Legacy Golf Resort, Bear Creek Golf Course

Golf tour(s):

US Kids Phoenix Local Tour & Teen Series- Dale Balvin

Junior Golf Association of Arizona- Scott McNevin

Girls Golf of Phoenix- Cori Matheson

First Tee- Mike Bergeson

Southwest PGA- Hannah Kolesar