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"Notah Begay III (NB3) National Championship: Celebrating Champions!"

Lucky holding his first place trophies from this year's championship

Introducing Lucky Cruz, the NB3 Boys 14-15-Year-Old National Champion! (Part 2 of an 8-part series highlighting all age division winners)

Girls and Boys ages 10-18 yrs old - 2023 NB3 National Champions!

In this eight-part series, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of the winners across all age divisions of the Notah Begay III (NB3) National Championship. Join us as we celebrate their triumphs, share their insights, and delve into their journey to victory.

TJG: Congratulations, Lucky, on your national championship win a few months ago at the NB3 National Championship held at Coushatta Resort & Casino in Louisiana. What were your initial goals or expectations for the week?

Lucky: Thank you! Going into the tournament, I felt confident after a few practice rounds where I consistently shot in the 60s. Knowing the course suited my strengths, particularly with my wedges, gave me a sense of assurance. By the second day, when everything clicked, I was certain I could clinch the victory. There wasn't a doubt in my mind—I was determined to win.

TJG: Did you have a specific strategy for the week?

Lucky: Absolutely. My focus was on positioning myself well off the tee. If I could get within 140 yards, I knew I had a solid chance to score.

TJG: This was your fourth consecutive year at the NB3 National Championship. Why were you so confident in your performance this time?

Lucky: Over the past three years, I came close to winning, even tying the course record with a 64 and finishing fourth. That experience fueled my belief that I could secure the championship this year.

TJG: How was the overall organization of the tournament?

Lucky: The NB3 National Championship is top-notch. In my opinion, it's the premier qualifying event in the country. There are no exemptions or special privileges based on rankings—it's a true test of skill and determination. Dan Crowther, who oversees the event, deserves a lot of credit. He's the backbone, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

TJG: Let’s talk about Koasati Golf Course. What was your experience playing there?

Lucky: Koasati Pines Golf Course is world-class. Playing there in Kinder, LA, was an incredible experience.

TJG: Where does this tournament win rank in your junior career?

Lucky: This victory is the highlight of my junior career so far. It's particularly meaningful because I've been playing on this course since I was 12 years old—it feels like coming full circle.

TJG: You've earned an automatic invitation to next year’s national championship. Are you looking forward to defending your title?

Lucky: Absolutely! I can't wait to return and aim for another win.

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Graduation year: 2024
  • Sponsorship: TaylorMade
  • Biggest goal in Golf: To win majors as a professional
  • One interesting thing about you: I love animation and drawing characters like Dragon Ball.
  • Favorite subject in school: Physics
  • Any last comments: I want to encourage all junior golfers, regardless of their background or ranking, to participate in the NB3 National Championship. It's an unparalleled opportunity to compete on a level playing field and showcase your skills. I'll be waiting for you!
  • Where can we find you on social media: Instagram
Lucky after his most recent win at the NB3 National Championship

All the Best,
Lucky Cruz

Stay tuned for the next installment of our series as we spotlight another deserving champion of the NB3 National Championship!