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Jake Martinez as a 11 yr. old holding his two holes-in-one balls at the Palm Springs, CA

Same course, same round, same club, same shot shape, same result; 2 Holes-in-One!

Two years ago today, 11 yr. old Jake Martinez made history! He did the unthinkable, the unimaginable, something most golfers don’t even dream about because it’s so rare. So rare that Las Vegas betting puts the odds of someone doing it at 67 million to 1. Well, Jake didn’t seem to care and went out and did it--2 holes-in-one in the same round!

Today’s Junior Golfer (TJG) face-timed with Jake on September 18th, the record setting anniversary day, exactly 2 years since his amazing feat. It’s worth noting that Jake and his parents had just flown back from Santa Rosa, CA the night before where his team from Tucson, AZ (The Skyline All-Stars) competed in the PGA Junior League Regional Championship.

TJG: Hey Jake, before we get into that amazing day 2 years ago, we just want to say thank you for taking some time to sit down with us and we know you must be tired from the recent tournament and flight home. How did you guys finish up this week in Santa Rosa, CA, at the PGA Jr League Regional?

Jake: You are welcome and glad to be interviewed. As a team we played ok the first day of the total-score-scramble, good enough to make it to the second day for the flag-scramble. We played against the first-place team out of Santa Teresa, CA and lost. That same team, Santa Teresa, ended up winning the tournament and is now heading to the PGA Jr League National Championship in Frisco, TX in October.

TJG: Wow. That must have been exciting to make it to the Regional Championship as a team and play against the eventual winners. Overall, did you enjoy the PGA Jr League season?

Jake: Yes, it is a lot of fun and you get to meet new kids. By the end of the season these new kids are now good friends. I highly recommend it (PGA Jr League) because it’s team golf and will help you prepare for high school and college golf.

TJG: Alright, today is September 18th and the second anniversary of your very special day in Palm Springs, CA where you got 2 holes-in-one in the same round! Did anything feel different or special that day before the round started?

Jake's playing partners on his historic day, Sept 18, 2021

Jake: Not really, in fact the round didn’t start out too well. My dad and I both thought maybe this wasn’t going to be that good of a day. But I had family there watching, which was cool, so you play on.

TJG: Take us through the par 3, hole #5, 101 yds, where you got your first hole-in-one.

Par 3, 5th hole at The Westin Mission Hills Resort - Gary Player Course

Jake: It’s weird because 2 years later I reflect differently on it but if I remember correctly, there was a slight wind in our face and my dad and I thought a pitching wedge with a little draw would be the club to use. The goal was to land it short of the pin a bit and see if I could roll it up close. It took a couple bounces and ran right into the hole.

TJG: Any video?

Jake: Who expects a hole-in-one? So no, my mom did not have her camera going. But it was an unbelievable feeling. I got congratulations from everyone. It was super cool. Even walking away from the hole, that was all I could think about.

TJG: Take us through the par 3, hole #12, 115 yds, your second hole-in-one.

Par 3, 12th hole at The Westin Mission Hills Resort - Gary Player Course

Jake: So, hole 12 was a little longer than hole 5 but we both agreed on the pitching wedge again. Same goal of landing it short and rolling it up close. It was almost the same identical shot and shape. I really didn’t think much about it going in until it started rolling close to the hole, then I thought, no way, again? When it went in everyone started going crazy. I remember players and spectators yelling from other fairways, “Did he do it again?” “No way!”

Jake acknowledging other golfers cheers on nearby fairways for his 2nd hole-in-one!

TJG: That is crazy! Going into day 2 there must have been a lot of excitement and expectation from you and your playing partners. Were there people talking to you about doing it again?

Jake: I had a great start to the 2nd round, getting 2 birdies in the first 4 holes. Maybe that lead to high expectations for a repeat performance. While on the tee box for hole #5, the first hole I made a hole-in-one on the previous day, I remember it being really quiet. Nobody talked. I could just feel people were wondering if I could do it again. I hit a good shot, kind of close, but no hole-in-one. I ended up parring the hole.

TJG: That seems like a lot of pressure for a 11-year-old to handle right out of the gate!

Jake: Yeah, but it was fun. A guy even came up to me on the putting green before the round and rubbed a $20 bill on me and then said he’s going to buy a lottery ticket with it! I just laughed.

Group photo with Jake (center) acknowledging his amazing day!

TJG: What brand of golf balls were the hole-in-ones? I assume you used 2 different balls?

Jake: Yes, both were Titleist Pro V1’s #48. After my first hole-in-one, that ball went straight into the bag.

TJG: Where are they now?

Jake: I have one on a plaque and the other one in a case, both in my room.

TJG: What brand of pitching wedge did you use?

Jake: PXG.

TJG: How often do you think about that day?

Jake: A lot, especially on the actual date. Also when kids come up to me and ask me if “I am the one” (referring to making 2 holes-in-one).

TJG: Anything else you can remember about that day 2 years ago?

Jake: Yes. As you know, when you make a hole-in-one, it’s tradition to open a tab at the clubhouse and pick up drinks for everyone. Well, my dad, being the nice guy, opened up a tab and invited adults and kids to have something to drink on him. It started out small but kept getting larger as players, caddy’s and families finished their rounds, came back to the clubhouse and heard the news. It was a hot day so drinks sounded good to everyone. My dad had to remind the clubhouse to close the tab several times as kids kept coming back for more drinks.

The FREE drinks begin!

TJG: Any idea how much the tab was?

Jake: No and I don’t want to know! And it didn’t end there, when we got back to Arizona, my dad opened up tabs for all our Arizona golfing friends. So, for the next few tournaments, and the next few weeks, he would buy drinks for everyone. I think my dad is traumatized on this date every year when he remembers the cost (Jake said with a smile)!

More FREE drinks in Arizona.

TJG: So, you get back to Arizona, anything special happen?

Jake: I got calls from Golf Digest, Amateur Golf, local news, did 2 podcasts—1 in Australia, and my school made an announcement over the intercom for all my classmates to hear. Then my mom did something special and made a book highlighting the tournament, the hole-in-ones and all the attention I got (Jake lifts up the book to show us).

Jake holding up the book his mom made for him about his special day.

TJG: Wow! That’s a lot of attention and pretty cool what all happened for you. Congratulations again!

Jake: Thank you.

TJG: I see you also played this summer in the USKids European Championship in Scotland, at the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club? How was that?

Jake: It was pretty cool. There were over 40 kids from all over the world in my 13-yr. old division. It was a 3-day event and I had 2 decent rounds in the 70’s. Wasn’t my best tournament but the entire trip was amazing. Probably the best trip I have ever taken. We spent time in New York and Berlin, Germany on our way over to Scotland. I got to see St Andrews Golf Course as well.

TJG: What a trip!

Jake at the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club, Scotland 2023.


Rapid Fire Golf Q's:

TJG: What’s in your bag?

Jake: TaylorMade (TM) Stealth Driver, irons and fairways are a variety, TM MG4 wedges, TM Spider mini putter, TM TP5X yellow balls.

TJG: Favorite golfer(s) and why?

Jake: Rickie Fowler because he’s always positive and battle tested. Scottie Scheffler because he shares his faith. Viktor Hovland because he’s one of the young guys, he’s winning and he’s always smiling!

TJG: Tournament day routine?

Jake: I have a panic attack first! Get to the course 1 hour early. Putt, chip and then the range. Last 15 minutes I sit and think about things, but mainly that it’s “just golf” and to relax. Finally, I pray on the first tee.

TJG: Favorite foods, snacks or drinks?

Jake: I don’t eat a lot, in fact, if I am having a good round, I won’t eat at all! Otherwise, I am not picky, but do like Honey Stinger Waffles.

TJG: Who calls the shots on the course?

Jake: In the past it was my caddy (dad), but now it’s me. I think my dad wants me to become more and more independent.

TJG: What’s your “go to shot” when you need to hit a good one?

Jake: A normal draw. But I do enjoy practicing low cuts and low draws.

TJG: Do you put a line on your ball for putting?

Jake: Yes, a green one.

TJG: Cross handed putter or regular?

Jake: Regular.

TJG: Any golf superstitions?

Jake: I keep 3 tees in my pocket at all times.

TJG: Parents role in your golf journey?

Jake: Dad is my caddy. Mom is more my emotional coach.

TJG: Typical day?

Jake: school, homework, practice, bible study.

The Bible is a big part of Jake's life.

TJG: Favorite 3 colleges right now to play golf?

Jake: Arizona, ASU, Stanford. 

TJG: Biggest golf goal right now?

Jake: Play college golf then PGA.

TJG: Best part of your game?

Jake: Short game. But my driver has gotten longer and average about 235 yds now.

TJG: Play other sports?

Jake: Basketball, pickle-ball. In the past I played baseball.

TJG: How did you start playing golf?

Jake: Just starting playing with my dad when I was 4-5 yrs. old. Started playing with plastic clubs at home, but just being on the course with my dad really inspired me to play.

TJG: Any obstacles you face in playing golf?

Jake: Yes, the mental game is tough!

TJG: What exercises do you do for golf?

Jake: I do strength training 4x’s a week.

TJG: High School golf or no?

Jake: Definitely want to play High School golf!

TJG: Any sponsorships yet?

Jake: Yes, TaylorMade.

Jake with his TaylorMade supplied golf balls.
Jake with his TaylorMade supplied gloves, towels and hats.


Rapid Fire Fun Q's:

TJG: School?

Jake: Emily Gray Middle School, Tucson, AZ.  

TJG: Role model?

Jake: That’s easy, Jesus. My goal is to grow closer to him. I do devotions and pray before I play golf.

TJG: Favorite Actor?

Jake: Mark Wahlberg.

TJG: Favorite Singer?

Jake: None

TJG: Favorite Movie?

Jake: Star Wars

TJG: 1st interesting thing about you?

Jake: I always put chips on my hamburgers, I like the crunchy sound!

TJG: 2nd interesting thing about you?

Jake: I practice something everyday.

TJG: 3rd interesting thing about you?

Jake: I hate pineapple on pizza! Pizza needs to be savory, not sweet!

TJG: When other kids hear your name, what do you want them to think?

Jake: That I am a hard-worker. I would rather be noticed for working hard than talent. I hope other kids think I am fun to be around.

TJG: Where can someone find you on social media?

Jake: @jake.from.state48  Click here –-> Jake's Instagram

TJG: Thank you Jake for taking the time to talk to us and good luck in school and golf this year!

Jake: You are welcome. Thank you.


Just the FACTS!

Name: Jake Martinez

Age/Grade: 13 yrs. old – 8th Grade

State: Arizona

Graduating Class: 2028

Family: Brother Kais and sister Sady.

Home Course: 49’er Country Club, Tucson, AZ

Golf tour(s):

USKids Phoenix Tour - Director Dale Balvin.

JGAA - Junior Golf Association of Arizona- Scott McNevin